Quit smoking with laser

Quit Smoking With Laser – Find out how you can finally quit

Quit smoking with laser? 

You may have heard people talk about how they quit smoking with laser. But how does it work? The answer is really very simple. When people start smoking, most often in their teens, the brain slowly gets used to it. The brain adjusts to each rise in usage. When someone smokes a certain amount for a period of time, the brain shifts things around and makes room for it.

Over the years, a typical smoker will tend to settle at between a 15-30 cigarettes a day. The brain adjusts to it. Smoking no longer feels special, or provides any sort of pleasure. At this point, nicotine is just a drug, propping open a door. The half life of nicotine is between an hour and two hours. So after a person has smoked, an hour to two hours later, there is half as much nicotine floating around their brain. That “door” starts to slide shut.

That sudden drop is what signals the brain to ask for more. The brain tends to time the requests to smoke, with an event such as a meal, coffee break, drive in the car, or any other such time or place that makes it easy to get a fix. Often, this leads smokers to believe that it is mostly habit. But if put off for too long, the brain will put up a fuss no matter where or when. This should act as proof that this is a drug, and that smoking is an addiction.

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Time for a smoke? Or time to quit smoking with laser?

Laser helps you to keep your brain happy

When someone sets about to quit smoking, they need only wish to quit. That is, until the brain needs its dosage of nicotine. Over the hours and days after someone quits smoking, the brain will ask more often, and louder! It will take your brain some time to get used to nicotine’s absence (let’s call it the withdrawal period), just the same way it had to get used to it being there in the first place. The brain becomes happier and happier as it gets used to it. When your brain is happy, YOU are happy!

So it seems that if people can only get through this initial period (which is around 6 weeks at the most, according to our 15 years of helping over 10,000 people to quit smoking with laser) then they, and you too, can be smoke-free.

The common 3 hurdles people face during this time include: cravings and withdrawal symptoms, appetite, and stress. So how does it help to quit smoking with laser? When someone decides to quit smoking with laser, they gain an advantage over those who go “cold turkey”. The laser treats [acupuncture] points which help to reduce, or even get rid of these common hurdles. Having helped thousands of people to quit smoking with laser, the LaserSTOP system often provides enough relief in a single session. The math is simple, if people don’t have big hills to climb, they don’t need a lot of willpower.

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