ontario cigarette price increase

Ontario Cigarette Price Increase: $18.37/pack!

Ontario cigarette price increase means smokers will be paying as much as $18.37 a pack

The latest Ontario cigarette price increase means smokers could be spending as much as $569/month for a pack-a-day habit. Perhaps a little perspective can shine a light on exactly how insane this is. A 2018 Mercedes C 300 is $560.27/mo on a 36-month lease, with only $2,000 down. A mortgage payment might be perhaps twice that much. As many struggle to pay their hydro bills, it begs the question, “How can anyone afford to smoke?” This latest Ontario cigarette price increase means many will be forced to cut down, find a cheaper brand, or simply kick the habit.

Ontario cigarette price increase

LaserSTOP is offering an incentive to do the latter. Anyone who takes advantage of the “Ontario Cigarette Price Increase Sale” will save $25 on the price of the LaserSTOP Silver single-treatment option. Use the coupon code “Increase” in the checkout when you buy LaserSTOP through the website. The sale is on now through April 15. While the price of cigarettes goes up and up, the price of quitting has come down!

Quitting smoking with LaserSTOP costs about 2 weeks worth of cigarettes

Quitting smoking with laser has always been affordable, especially when weighed against the ongoing financial obligation of lighting up. The latest Ontario cigarette price increase has made that more true than ever. Anyone who smokes a premium cigarette like Rothman’s will break even on the cost of LaserSTOP after only 2 weeks of not smoking. After that, the rest is all yours to do with what you want. Buy a car. Take a trip. Save for your retirement. You’ll have $560/month to put towards anything you can think of. A trip to Ponting Financial Group will show you just what that money could be doing for you.

If you’re wondering how LaserSTOP works, here goes. LaserSTOP helps you to stop smoking by effectively reducing or eliminating the obstacles caused by quitting smoking. By helping to control or eliminate cravings and withdrawal symptoms, reducing appetite, and lessening stress, you too my be able to quit much easier than on your own. In fact, according to LaserSTOP clients, 90% were still smoke-free after 30 days, and 80% were still smoke-free nearly a year after their LaserSTOP smoking cessation treatment.

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