laser stop smoking treatment

Laser Stop Smoking Treatment – Gold Program

The laser stop smoking treatment program with built-in support.

For most of our clients, one laser stop smoking treatment has been enough to kick the habit. Occasionally, some need the support of a second treatment to stay smoke free. Some clients also choose to have an extra treatment just to be on the safe side. Whatever the case may be, the LaserSTOP Gold program includes a second laser stop smoking treatment. So, if a client hits a rough patch, has a stressful day, feels tempted in the slightest, they need only pick up the phone.

While about 90% of our 10,000 clients were able to quit smoking after a single, 1-hour treatment, a small percentage did use a second treatment to stay on track. Further to that, an even smaller group used a second treatment to get back on the path, after a stumble. In certain cases, it makes sense for a person to take this option. Particularly, the added security of a second laser stop smoking treatment is advisable for any of the following:

  • individuals under heavy or constant stress, or who deal poorly with stress
  • somebody who has struggled intensely with cravings or withdrawal symptoms in the past
  • anyone who will be regularly subjected to bad influences (smokers, alcohol, etc.)
laser stop smoking treatment
LaserSTOP – the mobile laser stop smoking treatment.

Parking? Traffic? Stress? Forget about it. We come to you.

LaserSTOP is a completely mobile service that offers one thing: the laser stop smoking treatment. Because the mobile treatment option was so popular, it took off when first offered in 2005. Increased demand for mobile service eventually led to the transition away from in-clinic operations in 2013. Since then, LaserSTOP will come to you. From Windsor to Ottawa, from Toronto to North Bay, just set your quit date. We’ll be there.

LaserSTOP Gold

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