Do Employee Benefits Cover Laser For Quitting Smoking?

Small Business Owners

If you are a small business owner, and would like to help your workforce become smoke-free, LaserSTOP has plenty of experience in this area. Over the past decade we have worked with numerous small businesses like trucking companies, machine shops, and manufacturing companies. We will work with you to prepare your workforce for a quit date, come to your site on the quit date, and provide aftercare for those who need it. Contact us today and get the ball rolling for a healthier, more productive workplace.

Employee Benefits – Coverage for Laser Stop Smoking Treatment or Laser Quit Smoking Therapy

From time to time clients want to know if laser therapy to stop smoking is covered under their employee benefit plans. The answer is more complicated than a simple yes or no. The question one might ask is “Would you rather have an effective laser stop smoking treatment, or would you rather have your benefit plan pay for it?” This is the crux of the problem. Because LLLT (Low-level Laser Therapy) is unregulated in Canada, and one cannot “go to school” per se, to become a laser stop smoking therapist, there is no standard of care in this field. For that reason, insurance companies relegate coverage to similar, yet unrelated professions that do require a certification or designation. Most commonly, these professions are N.D. (Naturopathic Doctor), DC (Doctor of Chiropractic), or Acupuncturist. What this means is that a qualified professional in a related field can act as an addiction counsellor/laser therapist in order to bill your insurance company. Does this mean that they are incapable of carrying out the treatment? Absolutely not, but it doesn’t guarantee that they will be of any help to you either. The respective degrees or diplomas that these professionals have earned are unrelated to helping you quit smoking. In order to understand the finer points of addiction therapy, they should also have supplemental education/experience in addiction therapy or addiction counselling in order to help you through the days that follow the initial treatment, should you struggle and need support. What does all this mean? If you are considering having your benefit program cover the cost of your laser stop smoking treatment, do your homework and make sure the professional offering the service has experience and training in nicotine addiction therapy, and is preferably someone who deals with smokers on a regular basis. LaserSTOP makes no guarantees or assurances, implied or explicit, that your group insurance plan or employee health spending account will cover our services.