This laser quit smoking therapy works

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What is laser quit smoking therapy?

Laser quit smoking therapy helps people to quit smoking by tackling the most common problems that people face when they stop smoking. The laser gently stimulates acupuncture points. The result of this helps to lower or even eliminate cravings and withdrawal symptoms. It also helps to lower stress, and many clients report feeling calm and relaxed after having the treatment. Appetite control is another important part of how laser quit smoking therapy works to make it easier to kick the habit. Most of the points that are treated are found in the ears, with a few also on the face and hands. It is a painless process, and the appointment will take just an hour out of your day.

LaserSTOP - effective laser quit smoking therapy
Just a handful of the thousands of packs that clients have given up when they kicked the habit. Quit the easier way with LaserSTOP laser quit smoking therapy.

How laser quit smoking therapy works.

When a person quits smoking, they must change their habits, thoughts, and responses. This is no big deal on its own. People make new habits and break old ones all the time. Learning a new computer program at work, new card game, new job routine – are all habits we build. Quitting smoking requires making new habits and taking apart old ones as the brain goes through a major change. The withdrawal process can take several weeks for some people, during which they don’t need anything to trip them up. Cravings and withdrawal symptoms, appetite, and stress can be just enough to do exactly that, for some people. Over 10,000 clients have used LaserSTOP laser quit smoking therapy, and about 90% quit with just one treatment.

The best part is that LaserSTOP is a completely mobile service that only requires the use of your dining room or kitchen table, and about an hour out of your day!

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