Laser Quit Smoking Testimonials

The LaserSTOP Laser Quit Smoking Testimonial of Diana Gerrie

Hello Jeremy,

I just happened upon your website recently and decided to get in touch with you as I have thought of you often.

I don’t know if you will remember me or not because you treat so many people but I came to you for help with my smoking on July 11th, 2010.

I had smoked for 40 yrs and tried a dozen times to quit. My initial asthma had escalated to C.O.P.D. and emphazima I had tried hypnosis (twice), acupuncture, 3 rounds with the patches (over a 4 yr. period) and the plastic inhaler that’s supposed to resemble a cigarette. Plus there were numerous failed attempts at quitting “cold turkey” . Nothing was successful. Then I saw your ad in the newspaper and decided to give you a call and make an appointment. That was 1 1/2 yrs ago and I have not had a cigarette since.

Jeremy, I cannot thank you enough for giving me the strength and ability to kick a habit that had controlled me for so long. My family and I had little hope for success since I had failed so many previous attempts, and everyone was amazed as we all watched one day after another go by WITHOUT A CIGARETTE. I’m not saying I didn’t want one. I did. The difference was that now I could say no to the craving, without having all the awful side effects that had always caused me to fail. Every week got a little bit easier until I actually stopped thinking about it and no longer reached out for the pack as soon as the phone rang or when I had a cup of coffee. Every once in a while I would have a moment when I thought a cigarette would be nice, but it was a thought that quickly passed.

My hair and my clothing didn’t smell anymore and when I laughed, I no longer ended up in the wheezy, coughing fit that had always embarrassed me in the past. I did not get the shakes. I had no major side effects or UNbearable, symptoms. And as you said, food did not replace the cigarettes so I did not gain any weight. My doctors are thrilled with my success.

Thank you so much Jeremy.


Diana Gerrie

The LaserSTOP Laser Quit Smoking Testimonial of Michael Adams

[Received by email]

Hi Jeremy here is my testimonial for you. Thanks again.

My name is Michael Adams and I’m a truck driver who use to smoke one to one and a half packs of smokes a day.

[When] I decided I wanted to quit I tried hypnosis the patch, gums and nothing worked.

I Arrived at LaserSTOP 20 min early for my appointment and during that time I smoked 5 in a row (last kick at the cat per say). And went in where I was warmly greeted by Jeremy.

He explained the process to me and we went ahead with the treatment, and after I felt good I didn’t want a smoke.

I met up with my friends at a concert an hour later and we were all having a few drinks they were smoking and I was not. I didn’t even want one.

As of August 8th 2009 it’s been 4 years and I have not had one smoke.

Thanks for the great work Jeremy

Michael Adams X smoker

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