How to quit smoking

How to quit smoking, and why laser therapy may be right for you.

At some level, every smoker wonders how to quit smoking.

How to quit smoking is something that every smoker thinks about sooner or later. Perhaps while having a smoke behind a funeral home. Or perhaps while standing beside a loved one in the hospital. Whether it’s either of these examples, or because of the way smoking is affecting them, the thoughts to quit come and go from time to time.

Anyone who has ever thought about painting a room knows a few things to be true. Firstly, you have to have a plan. You have to know what you want. When is the best time to paint the room? What colour will the room be? What supplies will I need to paint the room? Most important though, is WHY am I painting the room??? Planning how to quit smoking is no different than planning to paint a room. The better your plan, the higher your chances of pulling it off without problems.

Once you have decided why you want to quit smoking, then you have to figure out how to quit smoking. The road ahead can be easier for some, and more difficult for others. Some struggle with cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Others struggle with appetite. Most commonly, a heavy stress load will lead someone back to smoking. LaserSTOP can help you with all of these things.


how to quit smoking
How to quit smoking: Being successful requires the right motivation

When planning how to quit smoking, motivation is everything.

Your reason to quit smoking is perhaps the most important factor in whether you will succeed. It may also play a part in how long you succeed. For example, someone who quits smoking for a girlfriend or boyfriend may find that thoughts to smoke come back after a breakup, because their desire to be smoke-free was tied to their desire to be with that person.

Similarly, when someone quits smoking because they can’t afford it, they may be inclined to smoke again when they come into money. A person may quit smoking because they are buying a new house, and can’t afford to smoke and pay the mortgage. Then they get a raise, or find that the bills weren’t quite as high as they thought. Suddenly, they find they can afford to smoke, and back they go.

Your reason to quit smoking should be one that won’t change. Health is a good reason to quit smoking. Wanting to feel free is another. Wanting to be able to breathe, and have the energy to play with children or grand children are also winners. Wanting to smell good, or not feel like you are sneaking around are also reasons that will last. Whichever you choose, make sure it’s something that is going to be important to you well into the future. Short term motivations lead to short term results.

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